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Welcome to Forced Lactation, a site where I explore the virtual world of HuCows having their big milk filled tits pumped dry! Of course, seeing as these lactating women are constantly producing tit milk for their masters' to enjoy, there will be more breast milk to be pumped once again tomorrow, and the day after that too!

forced lactations

Of all the HuCows out there, perhaps none is more well known than the udderly fantastic milking machine from Germany, Petra. As you can see, her master has gone to great lengths to assure that his milking slave has only the best of milking machines, so that she may orgasm repeatedly while enduring a forced lactation session. Of course, there is a pleasant reward for her master awaiting him, as he collects nature's most precious of nectars, which his sensitive palate, and soul, savours with a great delight, all while his lovely HuCow recuperates in her chains!

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forced lactations

Just so that you don't get the idea that Petra is the only lactating woman with big milk filled tits to undergo a forced lactation treatment or two, so I dug up this little preview clip of a fantastic tit milking video. Now this full-length tit milking video is a kinky little number, as the master has had his slave recruit a local lactating woman to further their kinky play. Once his slave has her tied up to his specifications, out comes the milking machine! She has a look of horror about her, as he attaches the apparatus to her leaking teats; however, once the milk starts to flow from her tits, her pussy gets all wet and gushy awaiting a good hard fucking, once the master has drank his fill of what he needs to keep his life force flowing!


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